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Anesthesia laryngoscope HP-W、HP-Z



Anaesthetic laryngoscope

Model: HP-W1, HP-W2, HP-W3, HP-Z1, HP-Z2, HP-Z3

Description: W series is the adult model; Z series is the child model; The products are divided into adult and children's models, which Can be used by the general public.

Material: The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel, ergonomic design.

Craftsmanship: handle embossed design, to effectively avoid slipping off; speculum is a one-piece molding process, built-in high-brightness optical fiber, strong and durable, high temperature sterilization is not easy to deformation.

Light source: Two No. 2 batteries are installed in the handle and a LED bulb is built into the top, which is transmitted to the front of the speculum through the optical fiber to achieve a high brightness cold light source.

Disinfection: The speculum can be disinfected by immersion, high temperature, ethylene oxide and other means.

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