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Wise medical under the pandemic


The medical market is special. Internet companies in it cannot make progress unless they cooperate closely with the traditional medical institutions, pharmaceutical enterprises and medical insurance units. Consequently, "subversive medical" has been transformed into "hug medical" quietly, and "Internet medical" has evolved into "wise medical" gradually.

So what is wise medical? Wise medical is a set of intelligent information network system based on high-tech means such as Internet - big data - AI - cloud computing. This system opens up the relationship among patients, medical staff and medical institutions, making medical services are IT-based and medical information is shared. Industrial development based on the "new infrastructure" policy and implementation of the "Healthy China" strategy are all of great significance.

The mobile medical service platforms of some large medical institutions at home have begun to take shape. Leading state-owned medical institutions represented by West China Hospital and the Second Affiliated Hospital of West China University of Medical Sciences, carry out 5G wise medical exploration and application innovation research in terms of 5G telemedicine, Internet medical, emergency rescue, medical supervision, health management, VR ward visits, etc. On the one hand, this research helps improve the medical supply and realize the information connection between patients and medical treatment, thus increasing the efficiency of medical resource utilization and facilitating the medical treatment process to a certain extent, on the other hand, it further excavates the value of medical data, thus producing new mobile medical application services.

It is worth mentioning that in this unexpected pandemic of COVID-19, the state, apart from sending medical teams to Wuhan for fighting it together, also provides services for countless patients by using its advantages in AI technology, big data technology and wise medical.

Technical architecture: key technologies in each dimension including terminal layer, network layer, platform layer and application layer

The terminal layer realizes sustained, sound and fast information acquisition. The collection and display of information are achieved through intelligent terminals such as sensing equipment and inductive equipment.

The network layer realizes real-time, credible and safe information transmission. The independent networks or shared networks distributed to different application scenarios are used to achieve information transmission among communication subjects in a real-time, high-speed, ultra-reliable and low latency manner.

The platform layer realizes intelligent and precise information processing. The scattered and disordered information is analyzed and processed through MEC, AI, cloud storage and other new technologies to output valuable information for the front-end applications.

The application layer makes information applications mature, diversified and user-friendly. It is the epitome of the value of 5G, and can support different application scenarios based on the three marked features.

Except "convenience", wise medical has three major application values.

Wise medical makes diagnosis more precise and efficient: It ensures that patients' personal medical records are consecutive and systematic to avoid the situation where patients see a doctor with a stack of medical records but always repeat the same examination items, and doctors can also make better medical decisions on this basis. Moreover, when a doctor issues a prescription, the AI system will give supplementary medical advice based on patients' medical history in order that the doctor makes a more precise and efficient diagnosis.

Wise medical will boost medical fairness: The remote diagnosis platform can be truly realized by building a unified diagnosis and treatment information sharing platform. Doctors in large hospitals can diagnose patients in primary hospitals through the remote consultation system in order that patients in primary hospitals can also enjoy hospital-level inspection and diagnosis services. As a result, the phenomenon of "the community hospitals are unwanted and the central hospitals are overcrowded" will be alleviated.

Wise medical can effectively melt "doctor-patient barrier": Its emergence allows every patient to check their detailed medical treatment records through cloud data. They can not only examine their own health status in time, but also consult doctors online at any time, thus simplifying the medical treatment process, improving self-examination rate of patients, and reducing the waste of outstanding medical resources.

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